Why Choose Modular Security?
  • GSA or UL Rated Performance Based Security
  • Complete Security
  • Minimal Site Preparation
  • Fast Lead Time
  • Suited for Full Time Security Staff
    Securcast Applications:
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Precious Metal Storage
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Government Buildings
  • Financial Institutions
  • High Security Buildings
  • Vault Expansions
  • Blast & Fire Rated Buildings
  • SCIF Applications
  • Armories


Modular Vaults

International Vault offers a complete line of modular vault systems designed for slab on grade and high-rise applications. All of our modular vault systems can be customized to fit your specific size and shape requirements.

Lightweight Modular Vault System

With weights of 17 to 71 pounds per square foot of surface, the lightweight modular vault system is ideal for high-rise applications.Our state-of the art shiplap construction creates a more secure connection between modular vault panels and eliminates the need for the time-consuming and messy grout pocket installation required for “cast in place” vaults.

MegaCrete Modular Vault Systems

MEGAcrete™ modular vault systems are designed for slab on grade applications and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional poured in place systems. Featuring our most heavy-duty design, the MEGAcrete™ modular vault system includes butt-joint construction and approximate material weight of 39-142 pounds per square foot of surface. MEGAcrete™ modular vault system is approved for both 5 and 6 sided containers under UL-608 Specification. In order to qualify for these specifications, our vault underwent extensive testing from Underwriters Laboratories.

GSA Vaults

Our GSA Class 5 Scimitar doors (Federal Specification AA-D-600D) are approved for secure storage of classified national security information, arms, ammunitions and explosives.Our modular vault system can be found on the Federal Qualified Products lists under Federal Specification AA-V-2737.

All vaults use modular designs that can be customized to fit your specific size and shape requirements.

Modular Security Unit

  • UL or GSA Rated Performance Based Security
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled
  • Architectural finishes available
  • Fully customizable sizes & shapes
  • Relocatable
  • Expandable
  • Bathroom Optional

About International Vault Inc.

Founded in 1982, International Vault manufactures, delivers, and installs U.L. Modular Vault Systems throughout the world. We have provided thousands of UL and GSA modular vault systems to the financial, commercial and government markets. International Vault, Inc. has been developing manufacturing and quality control systems for over 30 years. We have continuously met the highest quality standards and our newest PCI A1 and C3-A (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) certifications attest to our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves in being the low cost and highest quality producer of these products. Our vault and concrete technology combined with our architectural finish capabilities and engineering services allow us to provide attractive secure options of many varieties. Contact us to discuss your custom engineered solution today.

Fortified Homes

Why Choose Precast Concrete for Fortified Home Construction?

  • High performance, attractive building options
  • Custom engineered panels
  • Replaces the need for siding and interior sheet rock
  • Overall R-value exceeds R-30 in most climates
  • Hurricane wind ratings up to 140 Mph
  • Fire rating of 3.5 hours
  • Limits moisture penetration through wall
  • Greater sound resistance
  • EPA Energy and LEED approval


Custom Engineered Design with Enhanced Security

  • GSA or UL Rated Performance Based Security
  • Custom Architectural Detailing & Finishes
  • Insulated Sandwich Panel Design
  • Custom Fire or Blast Ratings
Fire Rating
6" Panel Thickness 2 Hour Minimum Protection
8" Panel Thickness 4 Hour Minimum Protection
10" Panel Thickness 6 Hour Minimum Protection
UL Vault Doors & Modular Panel Standard
Class M 1/4 Hour Attack Resistant
Class 1 1/2 Hour Attack Resistant
Class 2 1 Hour Attack Resistant
Class 3 2 Hour Attack Resistant
GSA Security Standard
Class 5-V 20 Hours Surreptitious Entry
30 Minutes Covert Entry
10 Minutes Forced Entry
Class 5-A 20 Hours Surreptitious Entry
30 Minutes Covert Entry
10 Minutes Forced Entry
Class 5-B 20 Hours Surreptitious Entry
30 Minutes Covert Entry
10 Minutes Forced Entry
Insulation Options
Expanded Polystyrene R-4 Per Inch
Extruded Polystyrene R-5 Per Inch
Polyisocyanurate R-6.5 Per Inch
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